Complete Physio’s very own bike specialist physiotherapist Dan Boyd is featured in October’s 2020 edition of Cycling weekly focussing on back pain. Dan is one of the most experienced physiotherapists in the UK specialising in cycling related injuries and bike fits. In clinic every week he will see many cyclists suffering with low back and upper back pain on and off the bike. In the article Dan discusses his key tips and recommends exercises to combat low back pain and maximise performance on the bike.

Research Corner:

In one Nordic study, 49 professional cyclists out of  116 reported low back pain. This was the most frequent overuse injury in the study. Another Swiss study found that one in three of the national cycling team reported back pain.

‘Every client I see in clinic requires an individualised assessment both on and off the bike. Low back pain is one of the most common complaints in cyclists that we see in clinic. Aswell as assessing their positioning on their bike we also carry out a comprehensive assessment off the bike assessing strength and flexibility.”

Dan uses state of the art technology to assess your position on the bike and to help determine your optimal position to immediately reduce you back pain, but at the same time considering your power and performance. As an experienced rider and ironman athlete himself, Dan also understands the impact of your position on your muscles and joints and your power output. In clinic Dan focusses on optimal position on the bike for both pain reduction, power output and performance.

position on the bike
position on the bike

In the article Dan discusses how important it is to put the work in off the bike on the gym to improve your strength in your lower back, gluts and hamstrings. In the article he recommends some very simple exercises (see below) to strengthen these muscles and also a very simple exercise to stretch your middle back (between your shoulder blades). This last exercise is very important, especially if you sit all day on Zoom!!

We hope you enjoy Dan’s article. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Dan directly on or call 020 7482 3875 to book an appointment.

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