Cycle Clinic & Bike Fit at Complete Physio Performance and Injury Prevention

We are pleased to announce the new ‘Cycle Clinic’ at Complete Physio, led by Specialist MSK Physiotherapist Daniel Boyd.

Dan has extensive experience of treating recreational and competitive cyclists and is passionate about keeping clients on their bikes and helping them to achieve their goals. Superbly aiding the injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance of cyclists.

Dan has experiential awareness of the physical and mental demands of cycle sports and is passionate about keeping clients on their bikes. He believes and observes that overuse injuries are seldom in elite cyclists because they have the best support and experts guiding them. Unlike rugby, football etc where these injuries are present from top to bottom. With a good bike fit and functional screening you will be on you bike for longer and be going faster!

His academic involvement in sport started with his BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and then into an MSc in Physiotherapy - completing numerous postgraduate courses including Clinical Bike-Fit Level 1 & Level 2.

Not only does he know his stuff, he does it himself! His most notable accomplishments this year within Triathlon are winning the coveted blue-t-shirt in CELTMAN 2015; winning, and setting a new course record in the south west three peaks (SW3P) Challenge 2015. He has completed numerous IRONMAN events and Ultra Marathons in previous years. He can regularly be found in the Surrey Hills at the weekends competing in Sportive Rides.

The Services

Initial Physiotherapy Appointment - (£78) - 45 minute appointment.

If you would like to discuss and resolve a current injury or performance issues and rehabilitation on the bike then this is the best starting point for you.

This can also be utilised with all major private health insurance providers.

Clinical Bike-Fit - (£150) - 90 minute appointment.

Expert cycle-specific injury assessment and management, advice on training, rehabilitation and biomechanics. The session will include:

  • Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Bike-fit Static 'Retul Standard' positioning & Dynamic bespoke fit
  • Cleet/Pedal interface Positioning and adjustment.
  • Tailored rehabilitation / training / injury prevention strength programmes

Clients will be emailed with a report including standardised bike measurements for use with further or other bikes. This will also include a short rehab / prehab programme.