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Cycle clinic and bike fit to improve performance and prevent injury


Cycle clinic and bike fit to improve performance and prevent injury

The Cycle Clinic and Bike Fit
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About the Cycle Clinic and Bike Fit

The ‘Cycle Clinic’ at Complete Physio is led by Specialist MSK Physiotherapist Dan Boyd. Dan specialises in the treatment of cyclists and triathletes.

Dan has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He is qualified in Bike Fit level 1&2 and gebioMized® motion analysis and International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) certified. He combines this with 12 years of clinical expertise working across the NHS, private and elite sporting institutions, working closely with elite level recreational and professional cyclists. Dan is dedicated to keeping you on your bike and helping you to achieve your goals. He is an expert on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance.

He has experiential awareness of the physical and mental demands of endurance sports, particularly cycling and triathlon, and is passionate about keeping clients on their bikes and optimising their performance. He believes and observes that overuse injuries occur less frequently in elite and professional cyclists because they have the best support and experts guiding them. It is this experience that drove him into perfecting the bike fit. With a good bike fit and functional screening you will be on you bike for longer and be going faster!

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Not only does he know his stuff, he does it himself! His most notable accomplishments are within Triathlon; winning the coveted blue-t-shirt in CELTMAN 2015; winning, and setting a new course record in the south west three peaks (SW3P) Challenge 2016 and 2017. He has also completed numerous IRONMAN events and Ultra Marathons. He can regularly be found in the Surrey Hills at the weekends competing in Sportives.

To make an appointment or for more information about our expert cycle physiotherapist call 020 7482 3875 or email Dan works from our Chelsea and Broadgate clinics. Please note the Clinical Bike Fit is only available at our Chelsea clinic.

Danni Shrosbree

a month ago

Being a full time athlete, I am constantly picking up niggles and injuries. Dans always there to provide the most effective and quickest treatment to help prevent as little interruption to my training program as possible. Dans knowledge of the human body is incredible and all treatment I have received has always been effective ! I will always be going back to see him whenever I have an issue! Top lad couldn’t recommend him enough! Thanks for all your help!

Will Cross

a month ago

Really great physio session. After 4 weeks off the bike I was able to get back on the road almost immediately and I could feel more improvement in my knee in 1 week of prescribed exercises than the previous 4/5 wks. highly recommended for cycling related injuries.

Alex Bailey

2 months ago

Dan fitted me to both my daily road bike and my race bike for competing in Triathlon. A great service by somebody that understands the mechanics of the human body and cycling as a sport. Very happy with the results.

Scott Rogers

2 months ago

Excellent service as always from Dan. Took my bike to him and run through what I was hoping to get out of the bike e.g. comfort and bit more speed. After spending over an hour with Dan, I truly feel like my expectations were met as my bike is much comfortable to ride and I have noticed a significant increase in speed (I’ve managed to knock of 5+ mins on my morning commute to work). I had noticed that I was sliding forward on my seat, I got in touch with Dan and had the issue rectified. Would highly recommend!

Victor Barre

2 months ago

I’m really glad I got a bike fit here. I decided I would do it given the hundreds of hours I spend in the saddle every year. The results really can be felt, both with performance and comfort on and off the bike. 

Complete Bike Fit really impressed me with how they go about it. They made adjustments to my bike depending on my measurements and then the power output was digitally measured while I cycled – so my bike is now properly tailored to me.

Dan Boyd – who did my fit – is a real professional and he is not only encouraging and easy going but reassuringly, is also happy to explain the answers to any questions I had. Even after the fit Dan was able to do any small tuning and respond to enquiries I had regarding my fit. Could not recommend highly enough!

Dominic Karma Wyard

a month ago

Dan really knows his stuff and it shows, developed through years of working directly with teams on the UCI pro tour. The bike fit was comprehensive, taking account of my specific objectives as well as physiology and injury history. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to reach the next level or just get more from their cycling.

Judah Rand
4 weeks ago

I had just started an indoor cycling program for the season when my foot became paralyzed. Slightly alarming, to say the least.

Dan saw me promptly and with his experience with cycling injuries had me quickly diagnosed with Iliopsoas tendinopathy. I hadn’t expected the issue to be in my hip considering the symptom was in my foot but this was no issue for Dan.

I was given a series of stretches and strengthening exercises and immediately began to see an improvement. In total I think I missed maybe 2 sessions off the bike thanks to Dan. 

Having followed the stretching regime and after some small bike fit tweaks (thanks once again, Dan!) I seem to have my pesky hip flexors back under control and can continue focusing on getting faster.

Richard Boyle

2 months ago

I had a bike fit with Dan after suffering knee pain when cycling, particularly when commuting. Dan did some tests and identified the issue, adjusted the bike fit to help (and improve performance) and has given me exercises which have helped the knee issue. It was invaluable to have a physiotherapist carry out the bike fit.

Diane Neil Mills

2 months ago

I was suffering from debilitating hamstring tendinopathy and the combination of strength work; shockwave therapy and a proper bike fit has effectively cured my problem. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Dan Boyd for fitting my bike, which has made it so much more pleasant to ride. He is not only very knowledgeable but a pleasure to deal with. The transformation has been remarkable. Thank you.

Laura Swanton
2 months ago

Great improvements in comfort and speed – It makes total sense having a physio do the bike fit – Dan was great!

Alex Higham
2 months ago

I had a bike fit a few months ago by Dan after doing an Ironman and totally ruining my hamstrings, adductors, and eventually knees through the training volume and race. The Ironman itself was 15 hours of agony.

I went around 6 weeks after the race after basically giving up on cycling altogether because of the pain and just focusing on gym work to rehab my knees. It was a last ditch attempt to see if he could ‘work a miracle” (as I said on the day) and get me back on my bike again. Well the different was immediate, even just cycling home I already noticed a huge reduction in my pain. After a couple more months of gym rehab and slowly re-introducing the Turbo Trainer I’m back training pain free thanks in large part to Dan. Also, I feel like there’s a massive difference in the amount of power I’m able to transfer to the pedals which I also noticed immediately when cycling home. Can’t wait to do another FTP test!

I can’t recommend his bike fitting service highly enough.

Thanks Dan!!!

Samuel Whiting

3 months ago

After bad back injury I was struggling to do more than 30minutes cycling on my bike and had almost given up on riding properly again. However, after several physio session I was able start riding again – albeit in some discomfort. 

This changed significantly though once I had a bike fitting with Dan. He helped set my bike up in a way that was sympathetic to the problem I had and the impact was instant. It immediately reduced stress on the areas of discomfort and suddenly I was able to cycle almost pain free for several hours at a time. This led to an increased speed of recovery overall as my injuries flared up to a much lesser extend – I also sped up on the bike too.

I am genuinely grateful to find myself in a position where I can now enjoy the sport I love in a pain free and progressive way.

I don’t think I would be anywhere near this without the bike fitting.

Literally life changing stuff!

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