At Compete Physio a significant proportion of the patients we treat have sports injuries. This varies from Achilles tendon problems associated with running, neck pain during swimming, to knee pain whilst cycling.

We treat many sports men and women after they have had an operation, be it ligament reconstruction or a tendon repair.

The Complete Physio team is dedicated to the accurate diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of sports injuries. It is our goal to ensure you return to your sport as soon as possible and stronger than before.

Whether your pain is old or new the key is to get to the root cause of the problem. The initial assessment will include a thorough history of your complaint to identify the parts of the body that are contributing to the symptoms.

Rarely is it the area of pain that is causing the problem. It is likely the affected area is painful because other areas are not working optimally around it. We don’t just look at the problem area – we look beyond it as well to ensure all the separate units, e.g. muscles and joints, are working well together to ensure the whole system is functioning efficiently and without pain.

Our therapists are experts at the two parts of physiotherapy that ultimately will get you better:

  • 1. Hands on manual treatment
    Hands on treatment may involve reducing the stiffness to the painful area and surrounding joints and muscles. This is achieved through soft tissue techniques, manipulation and mobilisation.
  • 2. Rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation will focus on the specific strengthening, stretching and stabilising exercises required for you to correct the imbalance and prevent injury from reoccurring so you can succeed in your chosen sport without pain.

Our team consists of specialist physiotherapists who are experts in the field of sports medicine and sports injuries. We have close links with many of the best orthopaedic consultants in London who we work with to form part of the wider team. Several of our physios were selected to be part of the medical team at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics providing treatment to the athletes.

Complete Physio has been involved in the essential support of sports teams that include:

  • England Squash
  • England Womens Rugby
  • England Womens Football
  • Great Britain Badminton
  • British Athletics
  • West Ham FC
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC
  • Reading FC
  • Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball
  • Great Britain Boxing
  • Great Britain Judo

If you would like to speak to a physiotherapist about your problem before booking an appointment, then please call the appointment line and this can be organised. We do our best to call back on the same day.

To book an appointment simply call 0207 482 3875.

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