Complete Physio prides itself on being different. Since its inception nearly 10 years ago the Complete Physio model is to provide a platform for highly experienced ambitious and innovative Physiotherapists to develop their skills and provide the best possible quality of care for patients.

Complete Physio has always embraced the dynamic nature of many members of the physiotherapy profession. However founder members of Complete Physio feel that very few companies in private practice allow experienced Physiotherapists working in elite sport, education, research and the NHS the opportunity for truly flexible working without in some way stifling their other activities.

Complete Physio truly believe that, with flexibility in encouraging their associates to continue their businesses outside of Complete Physio all parties including and especially the patients reap the benefits of the knowledge skills and advancements in patient care.

Therefore Complete Physio have set at the heart of their operating policy and organisation the ability for clinicians to work in association with and to provide their services to the company’s patients, whilst independently they have the utmost freedom to continue to develop and pursue their other clinical passions and interests. In turn this is reflected in the dynamic nature of the Physiotherapists that we work with; we, as a company enjoy the benefits of the dynamic and expert services we can offer and our patients benefit from their expert skills and experience.

The last 10 years has proven to us that this is a unique formula that works!

Louise Alwyn

Careers testimonials

Louise Alywin

Chelsea and Bury Street Clinic

Prior to providing my services to Complete Physio I was working in elite sport on the European Golf Tour. This was a unique experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and it gave me an excellent insight to the world of elite sport. I gained some invaluable experience and knowledge and feel it has developed my skills and knowledge as a physiotherapist.

Being on tour most of the year can be quite challenging being away from friends and family for long periods of time. I knew my next step was to provide services in private practice in London but I still wanted to keep my hand in elite sport.

Complete Physio have been genuinely supportive really providing the opportunity to continue with my elite sport work in tennis and golf which they see as a real positive. I have the flexibility I need with full support whilst I develop my career as a physiotherapist. In turn, Complete Physio clients get the most up to date and innovative treatments, just like professional sports men and women.

Emerson Fernandez

Emerson Fernandez

Chelsea and Bury Street Clinic

I have provided consultancy and sessional clinics at Complete Physio some years and they are dedicated to providing a platform so their associates can continue to develop their professional skills.

Along with my consultancy provision for Complete Physio I hold an extended scope NHS post, and other consultancy, private practice and sports specific work. I believe this gives me a good breadth of knowledge and gives me excellent exposure to a variety of conditions.

One of the key elements at Complete Physio is the flexibility they allow me to manage my own diary, which is essential as I have a young family. It also allow me to attend any professional development courses that I feel are appropriate to my development as a physiotherapist.

I believe the variety of experience in both private practice and the NHS has been a key area to my development as a physiotherapist and Complete Physio has given me the platform to do this.