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Musculoskeletal (sports) Podiatry & Biomechanical Assessment

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Musculoskeletal (sports) Podiatry & Biomechanical Assessment

Elevate Your Game with Expert Footcare

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What is musculoskeletal (sports) podiatry?

Musculoskeletal (sports) podiatry is the specialist management of sports and musculoskeletal injuries affecting the foot, ankle and lower limb. The role of a podiatrist is to diagnose the problem, identify any contributing factors and work together with the patient or athlete to implement an effective treatment plan.

At Complete Podiatry we have a collaborative approach involving working with other professionals and experts such as physiotherapists, pilates instructors, strength and conditioning coaches, and foot and ankle orthopaedic specialists. This allows us to offer a much more holistic approach to your treatment and not only treat your immediate symptoms but also address any contributing factors and prevent further injuries.

Persistent pain and discomfort that affects performance or function is common amongst both the elite athlete and “weekend warrior”, as well as more sedentary individuals. Whether you get pain standing or walking or during sports such as running or cycling, we are dedicated to getting you out of pain and back to full function/performance.

What does a biomechanical assessment with a podiatrist involve?

Our podiatrist will first carry out a detailed history to gather information about your injury and symptoms, what your aggravating and easing factors are and your past medical history.

A biomechanical assessment is like a detailed check-up to analyse your movement patterns during specific activities and exercises, to look at whether abnormal or imbalanced movements are exacerbating your condition. We may use foot pressure analysis equipment; this equipment provides valuable insights into how your feet distribute pressure during various activities, and whether you have any abnormal loading patterns that may need to be addressed.

Your walking and/or running gait will also be assessed using video analysis to identify any problems with the biomechanics of your running style. Other elements of the appointment will include a thorough assessment of your joints range of movement and your muscle strength. We will evaluate the length and strength of your lower limb muscles, looking for imbalances or weaknesses that may be contributing to your condition. ​

With all this information we can identify underlying issues which are causing or contributing to your injury, and tailor a bespoke treatment plan to work on correcting your muscle and imbalances, movement patterns and lower limb mechanics.

Why choose Complete for your sports podiatry needs?

“We are dedicated to bringing footcare care excellence to everybody; whether you have an ingrown toenail or long-standing foot, knee or low back pain, we will help to get you pain free and moving, one step at a time”

Our Podiatry service has gained the trust and confidence of foot and ankle consultants, elite sports teams and sporting individuals, as well as international and Olympic level athletes. Our team has helped these professionals perform at the highest level within their sports.

At Complete Podiatry we spend a lot of time assessing runners and elite athletes, to determine what it is about their movement patterns and running that is causing an injury. We also assess people’s running to improve their efficiency and technique; by understanding the deficiencies in running we can help them to train better and improve their performance, as well as treating their injury and helping prevent any further problems.

By detecting these problems through gait analysis and other specialist, evidence based equipment, we are able to treat them much more quickly and effectively.
We provide a personal service to all our patients and the treatment plans are tailor-made following your consultation, to ensure that we help you meet your individual needs and goals.

What treatment modalities does a podiatrist use?

Our podiatrists use a variety of treatment and management techniques to get you out of pain and back to full function as soon as possible. These may include:

  • Education and advice: one of the most important and effective aspects of rehabilitation is to understand more about the problem and the best ways to facilitate and take part in your own recovery. You will be given a clear explanation of the diagnosis and any other underlying causes, and we will discuss what is required to address these issues and reach your goals. Exercise rehabilitation; to strengthen, mobilise, and stretch specific areas
  • Strapping and taping: to protect or support an area of your foot
  • Temporary padding and offloading
  • Orthotic insoles: semi bespoke or custom made for your particular sport or injury.
  • Footwear advice: to ensure you are wearing the most appropriate shoes for your injury
  • Run analysis and correction: to improve movement patterns and reduce the load on sensitive tissues, and improve performance.
  • Manual therapy: including joint mobilisations or manipulations and soft tissue techniques such as massage
  • Sport specific orthotics: Cycling and Skiing are specialist types of orthotics that require special knowledge to manufacture correctly as their design is unique compared to the majority of orthotics which are built for walking/running in.

What conditions do Podiatrist’s commonly treat?


  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Plantar heel pain
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Haglunds
  • Ankle arthritis
  • Sinus tarsi syndrome
  • Peroneal tendinopathy


  • Posterior tibial tendon disorder (adult acquired flat foot)
  • Midfoot Arthritis
  • Tibialis anterior tendinopathy


  • Bunions / Hallux valgus
  • Plantar plate
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Mortons neuroma
  • Big toe arthritis
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Verruca
  • Corns/callus


  • Patellofemoral joint pain
  • Knee arthritis
  • Hip arthritis
  • Gait (walking) and running related disorders/difficulties


Initial Musculoskeletal Podiatry Appointment (60min) £175
Follow Up Musculoskeletal Podiatry Appointment (30min) £85
Orthotic Insoles £100-£290


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