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Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT)
(also known as Occlusion Training)

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Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT)
(also known as Occlusion Training)

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About the Blood Flow Restriction Training Service

At Complete Physio, Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is used as part of a well-rounded rehab plan, to get you back strong, confident and ready to achieve your goals. BFRT is a form of training used in both rehab and performance settings to boost muscular hypertrophy and strength, all in a short amount of time (2-4 weeks) using light loading (less than 30% of maximum), reducing recovery times.

Blood flow restriction training is available at our Chelsea, Lime Street, Bury Street and Angel clinics.

How does blood flow restriction training work?

BFRT uses a pneumonic cuff to safely and effectively restrict blood flow out of the working limb but still allows blood flow in, meaning blood and metabolites pool in the limb, creating an environment conducive to muscle growth.

The use of light loads is often preferred over heavy loads during rehab as recovering areas may be re-injured, irritated or damaged by using heavy loading e.g. a repaired ligament, arthritic knee, or strained muscle.

Unfortunately, light loads alone are not sufficient to improve strength, so combining these with BFR means improved strength, without the risk of further injury.

There are three main groups that BFRT is used within a clinical setting

  • Those who are recovering from surgery
  • The elderly population
  • Injured athletes looking to speed up their return to play

BFR has many other uses including;

  • Reducing disuse atrophy (muscular wasting) when in a cast or bedridden
  • Post athletic performance recovery
  • Managing loads in athletes
  • General health improvement

A young athlete with knee pain using BFRT to gain muscle bulk and strength without overloading his joints.

Complete Physio’s BFRT Service can be tailored for the above needs and more. Our BFRT Service is headed by Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Reece Noble. Reece has 10 years of experience as a physiotherapist and also holds a Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning.

Simply put, BFRT = quick strength gains at low loads



“Blood flow restriction training was able to help me build muscle back in my calf after my Achilles Rupture – I added 1cm to the circumference of my calf in the first 4 weeks of using it. I was able to push myself harder than I would have been able to without the cuffs and it was a great supplement to my home exercise program”

Frank – Achilles Tendon Rupture

“I used BFR to help with my partial supraspinatus (shoulder) tear. I was able to strengthen the muscles without using heavy loads and therefore avoiding pain. I found it to be an innovative approach to rehab and training”

Ivan – Rotator Cuff tear

“I definitely feel stronger after it (BFRT) and haven’t had the usual setbacks my injury has traditionally given me. I’d usually have steroid injections every 6 months and after BFR I’m still doing fine without the steroid, now in month 8 and still no knee pain. To anyone considering using it I’d say give it a try; it’s worked for me! It’s pretty quick too so easy to fit into a busy schedule”

Adam – Knee Cartilage Injury

“I think BFRT helped me get confidence in my knee faster compared to regular physio. BFRT really pushes you to the limit and helps you in feeling better”

Carola – Medial Meniscal Repair

How BFRT Works

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