Alex Manos

Since graduating in 2002 Alex has specialised in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy predominantly in professional sport. He started his career at Crystal Palace FC with the academy but soon moved up to the first team. After taking a break to complete his Masters in Australia at the University of Queensland he returned to work in the private sector in central London. Alex then returned to Crystal Palace where he spent 6 seasons as the Head Physiotherapist.

After a short break from football, he was employed as a full time physio for GB tennis player James Ward where he spent just over a year helping him recover from a long term injury.

Alex focuses on lower limb injuries and has a keen interest in the hip and groin area having worked extensively with leading UK surgeons in this area. From a personal point of view he also enjoys treating ankle injuries – having had several injuries himself playing basketball!

Alex is also a Professional Life Coach and splits his time between Physiotherapy and Coaching. This unique combination gives Alex a different approach to working with patients and he will often look into other aspects of a patient’s life to see if anything could be contributing to the problem presented.

His skills and experience as a coach have lead him to develop an interest in treating complex and chronic problems and pain, particularly around the hip and groin area but also throughout the body. He uses a combination of talking, treatment and rehab based intervention for patients. It is also common for patents to be set exploratory work outside of sessions to aid their recovery.

He’s a keen sportsman himself playing basketball and tennis competitively still whilst also regularly attending the gym. An avid reader of self development books and listener to podcasts too!