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Foot & Ankle Speciality Clinic

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Foot & Ankle Speciality Clinic

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What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions and disorders that affect the feet and lower part of the leg.

Feet Endure Tremendous Pressure Every Day – Our Podiatry Expertise Can Help

Your feet are the unsung heroes of your daily life, carrying you wherever you need to go. From your morning commute or evening stroll, to long distance running and sport, they endure a tremendous amount of pressure, often without complaint. But when foot problems arise, they can affect your mobility, comfort, and overall well-being.

Unfortunately many people put off seeing a healthcare professional about problems with their feet or ankles because they are unsure of where, or who to go to for treatment. Some people even think that foot pain and discomfort is normal. Trust us, it’s not normal to have ongoing foot or lower leg pain.

If you have been limping for weeks, which is stopping you from participating in your favourite sport or possibly even from walking and moving around freely, then it’s time to do something about it!.

At Complete Physio, our podiatrists understand the vital role your feet play in maintaining healthy mobility and quality of life, and we’re here to provide expert care and support.

Who should see a podiatrist?

While most of us, at some point in our lives will face day to day problems with our feet like corns and blisters, other people can suffer more serious complications with far reaching consequences.

You should see a podiatrist:

  • If you have pain or swelling from an acute foot or ankle injury, such as an ankle sprain.
  • If you are suffering from cracked, itchy or inflamed skin, or deformed, yellow or painful nails.
  • If you have an ingrowing toe nail
  • If you need orthotics (bespoke insoles)
  • If you have a verruca
  • If you have midfoot or heel pain
  • If you have back or hip pain
  • If you have shin pain
  • If you have swollen or painful toe joints
  • If you have numbness or tingling in your feet
  • If you have problems with your walking or running or balance.

Explore our website to learn more about how we can help you maintain healthy and happy feet.

“One Stop Clinic” for all your foot care needs.

At Complete Physio our podiatrists provide a ‘one stop clinic’ for all your foot care needs from “shin splints” and plantar fasciitis to an ingrowing toe nail. Our podiatrists cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from elite/professional athletes to our valued older clients who lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

Complete Physio has a team of highly experienced clinicians who have undertaken extensive training to provide this service. Our clinicians have trained specifically at a post-graduate level as specialists in podiatric sports medicine. They are qualified to be able to prescribe medications that means we don’t require a referral from your GP before we can see you.

Our expert team of positarists assess and treat both structural and/or functional factors that can contribute to pain and injuries involving the lower extremities, including the legs, feet, and ankles, as well as those impacting the spine and pelvis.

Podiatry services at Complete Physio

Fast access to pain relief

With NHS wait times and access to services becoming more difficult, we are dedicated to providing easy access, self referral to our team of Podiatrists. Our podiatrists operate from three convenient clinic locations in central London; Lime Street (city), Angel (Islington) and Chelsea.

Complete Physio provides fast, easy and cost-effective access to a Podiatrist for all your foot & ankle problems. Our Podiatrists are all highly experienced at treating both routine chiropody problems like persistent corns, verruca and ingrown toenails, as well as more complex biomechanical and musculoskeletal related conditions and injuries.
We offer a specialist service for musculoskeletal/sports injuries that focuses on foot health, biomechanical assessment, rehabilitation and bespoke orthotics and footwear. Podiatrists are a key member of the Complete Physio multi-disciplinary team and provide a vital role in your diagnosis and recovery. Our team’s ethos and expertise are crucial for achieving successful outcomes for our patients.

At Complete Physio we are dedicated to providing an individualised service to ensure we meet the specific needs of our patients. Our aim is not only to reduce your pain, and treat your symptoms, but also to prevent further injuries.

Other healthcare professionals frequently seek the expertise of our podiatrists for foot problem consultations and treatments. Our team is trusted by leading foot and ankle surgeons, sports medicine consultants and physiotherapists to manage their patients foot and ankle complaints.

At Complete Physio we are a ‘one stop shop’ to solve your Podiatry needs which includes;

  • Biomechanical, gait and running assessment – a 60 minute biomechanical assessment to analyse your body movement, and your walking and running technique.
  • Orthoses medical insoles); semi bespoke and fully custom devices designed specifically for your sport and injury.
  • Routine podiatry/chiropody; quick and painless treatment of nails, corns and hard skin.
  • Ingrown toenail surgery; for persistent ingrown toenail pain and infections this quick and simple procedure provides permanent relief and is successful in 95% of cases.
  • Verruca needling procedure; a medical procedure for stubborn and persistent verrucas with an 80% success rate.

What conditions do Podiatrist’s commonly treat?

Our team of experienced podiatrists specialise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot conditions to keep you on your feet and pain-free.


  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Plantar heel pain
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Haglunds
  • Ankle arthritis
  • Sinus tarsi syndrome
  • Peroneal tendinopathy


  • Posterior tibial tendon disorder (adult acquired flat foot)
  • Midfoot Arthritis
  • Tibialis anterior tendinopathy


  • Bunions / Hallux valgus
  • Plantar plate
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Mortons neuroma
  • Big toe arthritis
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Verruca
  • Corns/callus


  • Flat (“overpronated”) feet
  • Patellofemoral joint pain
  • knee arthritis
  • Hip arthritis
  • Gait (walking) nd running related disorders/difficulties


Initial Musculoskeletal Podiatry Appointment (60min) £175
Follow Up Musculoskeletal Podiatry Appointment (30min) £85
Chiropody (30min) £85
Orthotic Insoles £100-£290

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