Toby Sullivan_complete physio

Toby Sullivan

QUALIFICATIONS: Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP, MHCPC, MAACP

After leaving a career in banking behind, Toby graduated from St George’s medical school in 2007 and followed a path to musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Toby has always been active having played most sports at some point. As kids arrived on the scene and training time disappeared, he moved away from triathlons to focus more on running. Mainly marathons, sometimes dipping in​to the world of ultras but still managed a reasonable 100 metres time at the British Masters decathlon.

He enjoys the challenge of sports and spinal conditions in recreational athletes, especially the older athlete that may have to juggle work, life and family commitments with their sport and exercise programs. He is not a fan of rest, preferring a combined hands-on approach alongside an active functional rehabilitation program to hand over the skills needed to see you moving better, in less pain and getting back on track to normal activity levels and beyond.