Twenty four hours to go to the big race!!!  

Here are Complete Physio’s top tips to make sure you get to the start line and enjoy the 24 hours before your marathon.

Tip number one: Don’t get distracted at the Running Show!

The Running Show is where you register and collect your running bib/number. There will be lots of exhibitors at the show, lots of distractions, celebrities and motivating talks. You will start to get pumped for the big day and the adrenaline will start to kick in. 

But you must stay calm, do not spend hours walking around the exhibitors and save your legs and feet for the next day (you are going to need them!)! Do not get tempted to indulge in new shoes, new energy drinks or snack bars for race day! 

So keep your visit brief, enjoy the atmosphere and get back home and put your feet up!

Tip number two: Hydration. 

Next time you go to the toilet, have a look at your wee! 

If it’s a light yellow colour, that’s great, if it’s really dark, you probably need to drink more water! If you’re going to the toilet far more often than you normally would, then it’s really important just to reduce your water intake.

Remember, do not drink too much. It is actually quite dangerous if you have too much water. So if your urine is very pale or transparent hold back on the water! 

Tip three – Do not overeat!

It is important the night before the marathon not to over eat. Many think they should have a really big meal and eat lots of carbohydrates to load for the next day. This may make you feel full, heavy and bloated on the day. You should build your carbohydrate intake up throughout the week.

So, don’t just have a big meal the night before or on the morning of the marathon. Don’t eat anything new, eat foods that you are used to eating during your training programme.

Tip number four: Enjoy it!!!

This is the most important tip! You need to enjoy the day, you have worked so hard to get to this point! So, whether you are aiming for sub 3, 4 or 5 hours or just raising money for a charity with a fridge strapped on your back (yes someone did this!) you have worked very hard to get to the start line, so you must enjoy it!

Running the marathon is a massive achievement and will be with you for the rest of your life. So be proud of yourself and hold your head up high!

Don’t run with your head down, look up and smile at the crowds. They will smile back and this will provide you with extra energy and motivation as you go round. 

From the entire team at Complete Physio, we wish you the best of luck for the marathon!

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