Anita Onwuteaka

Anita Onwuteaka

QUALIFICATIONS: Chartered Physiotherapist, MSc Physiotherapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy, HCPC registered

Anita is a highly experienced physiotherapist who is passionate about people, and enthusiastic about learning and improving access to quality health care. Anita completed her Master of Physiotherapy programme at Robert Gordon University, Scotland, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of St Augustine, Florida.

As a clinician, she has a wealth of experience in work-related injuries, pre and post operative rehabilitation, sports- injuries in both the NHS and private settings. Anita has worked with athletes in a number of sports at different levels, including hockey, running (short and long distance), basketball, squash, tennis, rowing, strong man/woman events, football and rugby.

Anita also has research experience in pre- and post-operative rehabilitation and continues to be involved in lower back and lower limb osteoarthritis research and interventions.

Anita has a keen interest in the patient’s journey and combines hands-on-therapy, exercise/rehabilitation and education to help patients achieve their goals. Anita believes in an individualized approach to rehabilitation. She creates a clinical environment where patients’ needs are heard which then informs the approach, throughout their treatment.

Anita has been privileged to experience health care delivery in several countries which has shown her the benefits of quality health care and people-centeredness.

Anita says “several definitions tell us that health is not only physical but mental, spiritual and social. This means it is important to listen to patients, stay up to date with the latest evidence and make sure that patients are getting the best care from me and for themselves.’’

In addition to her achievements as a physiotherapist, Anita has executive management experience in education, fashion and health. She thrives on learning every day and is currently learning how to code. She continues to enjoy dancing, singing, and living a life of gratitude.