David Shah

QUALIFICATIONS: Sports Massage Therapist

David is a BTEC Level 5 Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Remedial Therapist, obtaining his qualification at the North London School of Sport Massage. He is also studying to be an Osteopath at the University College of Osteopathy.

Having worked for 17 years as a mechanical engineer, he decided to utilise his mechanical mindset and critical thinking skills to switch career paths and follow his passion, to help people move better and live pain-free. He believes sports and deep tissue massage is crucial in helping clients overcome discomfort caused by both lifestyle and occupational habits.

David has worked with athletes, including marathon runners, crossfitters, softballers and professional footballers. He currently works with gymgoers at two CrossFit gyms in Buckinghamshire and is a consultant soft tissue therapist with Wycombe Wanderers FC, helping the first team squad in match preparation and recovery.

David’s mission is to use a holistic healing approach to help people feel better and move more through manual therapy. He takes pride in using a whole-body approach considering physical, psychological, and social factors to ensure every client lives in a stress and pain-free body. Using a global approach ensures David gets to the root cause of any muscle/postural imbalances that are causing the client’s symptoms rather than simply relieving them when they appear. He aims to undo the reputation sports and deep tissue massage has for being painful, along with the old saying “no pain, no gain”. His treatment plans are designed by understanding each client’s goals and tailoring all treatments to ensure they receive the best approach. His approach goes beyond the treatment room by imparting knowledge and advice on maintaining longer-lasting results.

Outside of his passion for the functioning body, you will most likely find David working out in a CrossFit gym, then refuelling in a local eatery.