Genevieve Tawiah

Genevieve Tawiah

QUALIFICATIONS: Chartered Physiotherapist, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Genevieve trained at Manchester Metropolitan University, and qualified as a physiotherapist in 2016. She is passionate about improving her patients’ awareness and understanding of their body, and takes a team approach with them in aim of optimising their recovery journey.

She has to date made a mark in the performing arts industry – working with actors/actresses and singers to advise on strategies to prevent injury, and maintain their physical health whilst being in show. This is in conjunction with treatment to support their recovery of injuries and efficient return to activity on shows such as Westend’s Harry Potter -Cursed Child, Wicked, War Horse UK Tour, Strictly Come Dancing and more.

Genevieve has specialist training in vocal physiotherapy for individuals struggling with vocal fatigue, loss of vocal range, or loss of vocal quality. She has worked with singers in varied genres, teachers, public speakers and more and has a network of Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, Speech and Language Therapists and Vocal Coaches she liases closely with.

She also offers jaw physiotherapy for individuals struggling with pain, tightness, reduced range, clicking or locking episodes.

Genevieve has experience working individuals post accidents supporting their recovery, and also has experience supporting individuals post surgery – in both NHS and private settings, with aim of helping her patients to restore and improve their function and loading capabilities.

She has a keen interest in exercise and physical activity, and continues to train herself in a variety of dance styles, kick boxing, yoga and pilates.

Genevieve aims to take a flexible approach to treatment, ensuring her patients understand options for their recovery journey, and aims to ensure her patients feel supported in their aims to return to activity.