Joanna Zach – Soft Tissue & Nutritional Therapist


Joanna Zach

QUALIFICATIONS: Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, MISRM
Nutritional Therapist, MBANT MCNHC

Joanna has had a great passion for the human body, health, and fitness from a young age and sport has always played a big part in her life. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy from The Academy of Physical Education in Krakow, Poland. Later she studied Ayurvedic Medicine and specific massage techniques in India, practised and taught yoga in Poland and London, and subsequently completed a post graduate diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage at the North London School of Sports Massage.

Joanna also graduated as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and studied Functional Medicine with the world-renowned Institute of Functional Medicine so she can holistically help others achieve their optimal health, both mentally and physically.

Over the years she has worked alongside GPs, physiotherapists and multidisciplinary medical teams in hospitals in Poland, France and the UK. In addition to the public and the general athletic population, she has worked with elite level athletes, including ironman triathletes, rugby players and ballet dancers. As a sports enthusiast herself she knows all about the post exercise aching body and what it means to suffer injuries, and she is well aware of the benefits of massage therapy and the correct nutrition.

As a Nutritional Therapist Joanna practises the functional medicine approach which focuses on the root causes of symptoms rather than solely managing the manifesting symptoms. Whether it is digestive problems, food intolerances, eczema, tiredness and poor concentration, weight loss or hormonal issues she can help you find the underlying imbalances and support you with personalised nutrition and lifestyle changes. When indicated, Joanna uses various tests such us blood, urine, stool or saliva tests, including genetic or hormonal tests, to optimise a patient’s nutritional programme.

With her unique approach she is able to focus on gastrointestinal health in the prevention of chronic conditions, combining nutritional therapy with abdominal massage and gentle visceral manipulation.