STEVE HANKIN -Chartered Physiotherapist

 Steve Hankin

Steve is a highly skilled physiotherapist with an in-depth understanding of the human body, driven by his personal experiences overcoming shoulder injuries sustained in mixed martial arts and undergoing an ACL reconstruction. These events have not only equipped him with a profound empathy for his patients but have also fuelled his unwavering dedication to the field of physiotherapy.

Steve’s comprehensive expertise spans various healthcare sectors, including the NHS, private practice, and the demanding sporting arena. He has collaborated with Premiership football teams including Brentford and Fulham football clubs, as well as working closely with athletes from disciplines such as tennis, rugby, boxing, and mixed martial arts. This diverse background has allowed him to grasp the unique demands and challenges faced by individuals from all walks of life, ranging from recreational enthusiasts to elite competitors. Steve treats all upper limb, lower limb, and spinal conditions.

Having navigated the challenging path of rehabilitation himself, Steve possesses a unique perspective on the physical and emotional journey that his patients undertake. His own encounters with shoulder injuries and the subsequent healing process have granted him invaluable insights into the complexities and frustrations that individuals face during recovery. This deep empathy enables Steve to provide not only expert guidance but also genuine support and understanding to those under his care.

While he has primarily practiced on the renowned Harley Street in recent years, he has recently transitioned to the City, broadening his reach to serve a wider community. His main area of focus lies in the comprehensive rehabilitation of the shoulder, where he applies his expertise and personal understanding of shoulder injuries to deliver exceptional care. Steve’s particular interest lies in the rehabilitation of unstable shoulders, ensuring that his patients receive the specialised attention they need to regain strength, mobility, and stability.

In his spare time Steve trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and recently received his blue belt. He also loves golf and watching his beloved Brentford FC.