Wendy Hilton – Soft Tissue Therapist

Wendy Hilton

QUALIFICATIONS: Sports Massage Therapist, SMA registered

Wendy gained her qualifications in Sports Massage from the New Zealand College of Massage and has been an accredited member of the NZ Academy of Sport since 2000 and is Sports Massage Asspciation (SMA) registered. She has worked with the English Institute of Sport since 2005 and has travelled extensively with sports squads providing massage at a variety of events, such as: Athletics, Ironman, Marathons, Netball, Wheelchair Rugby and Cycling World Championships. Wendy currently works with the Great Britain Athletics team, providing specialist soft tissue management for the power-based athletes in London. She has also had the privilege of being the Team Therapist for New Zealand at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, 2008 in Beijing, and 2004 in Athens. In addition to treating athletes, Wendy has had experience of managing her own clinic and tutoring courses within the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Wendy enjoys working with elite and competitive athletes in a variety of disciplines. She has a great interest in muscle imbalances, postural assessment and post-operative scar healing and maturation.

“I thoroughly enjoy interacting with clients and the challenge of analysing peoples’ soft tissue needs motivates me. It is my personal belief that people can benefit from regular massage to help identify areas of muscular tightness and can help reduce painful symptoms by soothing nerve irritability.”