Here are some comments from our patients…

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Here are some comments from our patients…

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 Dave Baker…well, where shall I start. Full of knowledge, easy to be around, calm and able to listen to your personal issues. He is a true professional. I had an ongoing rotator cuff problem and lower back one too. Under Dave’s thorough and calm approach I’m totally fine now. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Dave Baker at Complete Physio. A one in a million, true physiotherapist. Or as some people say ” the real deal” 10-out-of-10. Thank you. Mark Jean-marie. Head coach at The North London Boxing Club.

Chris Myers is simply the best physiotherapist in London. He has helped me and my family with various injuries and pain problems. Chris has outstanding knowledge of medicine, but also talent for healing and for helping people. I recommend his clinic The Complete Physio to anyone who needs a treatment with professionals who love their job and their patients.

Last year I attended the Complete Physio Clinic in Swiss Cottage from January till around June 2012 for the treatment of a tendonitis condition I had on my right ankle. My physiotherapist, Mr Alexei Roszkowiak was superb, and over time helped my condition practically disappear. I am basically writing to commend the professionalism, superb service, support, treatment and care I received from Alexei throughout. It was thanks to Alexei’s advice and treatment that I was able to recover from a painful injury and participate in further exercise activities always with his advice in mind. Alexei’s professional service is testament to my recovery. I sincerely was and am grateful for this.

Just to let you know, I’ve just re done the mountain that I broke my hip on. So a full recovery I’d say. Thank you so much for your care and encouragement, without it I wouldn’t be here.

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with my back. I was very impressed with you and have been recommending you left, right and centre. Really, I was pretty bloody fed up when I first saw you and at least now I know what to do if I get any little niggles and strains. Thanks so much.

Just wanted to drop you a line and say many thanks for your help and treatment with my knees. Since I last saw you I’ve kept up with the exercises and slowly eased myself back into training. I would have been back for more sessions but there’s been lots going on since I last saw you (including a bout in hospital with pneumonia!) and I couldn’t get there. I’m now training almost as normal 6 or 7 days a week including kickboxing and strength. Anyone I come across that needs a physio I will always send them to you.

The marathon went fantastically well and I recorded a really decent time of 3:19hrs. I really couldn’t get to the finish and as well as I did without your help. I didn’t get a single twinge on the areas that your treated and taped. I was extremely exhausted yes and got a few near cramps in the last miles, and considering the fact that I have hardly trained at all for nearly 3 weeks this was very impressive and I just wanted to thank you for your help and advise. Once again, thanks so much.

Just a quick email to say you worked with me on a torn calf muscle in 2009/10. It was in a really bad way, but this year, having got the calf mostly healed and building up slowly I set myself a target of 1000km of running for the year, and last week I hit it! This is the most I’ve ever done in a year, and coming off the back of thinking I was never going to be able to run again. So basically I am writing to say thanks for your work getting me back running again, you were very helpful and positive.

Just a quick thank you for all your help ahead of the Berlin Marathon. My hip did not give me any problem what so ever and was actually was fine after the race as well. I am pleased to report that I got round in 3h 16mins and 40secs, shaving a good 11 minutes off my personal best time! Very happy with that. Will touch base with you regarding further treatment upon your return from holiday. Thanks again for all your help, treatment (albeit v painful at times) and support.

Guess what?…. We won 37-06 at in the final at Twickenham!!!!! What a great day and to top it off, I scored after being on the pitch for 2 mins!!! I also set up the final try after making a sweet break through the middle of the pitch. It was one of the best moments of my life. Thanks very much for all your help over the last months. I could not have done it without you and will definitely be putting a good word in for you to everyone I know.

You will be glad to hear I completed the race in 4hrs 42 mins & 38 seconds, without stopping/walking or tripping over a bridge injuring my ankle again. Afterward my ankle was about 3 x the size but is finally starting to feel normal and better (and I think the swelling is going down). Thanks very much for you help – I doubt I could of done it without you and your therapy/torture (and still smiling at the end!!).

Well, I made it! And actually managed to really enjoy myself too (well, up until about mile 19 after which it was just plain gruelling!) Finished in a very respectable 3 hours 46 mins which even exceeded my expectations so I’m incredibly happy all round. My knee was fine mostly-threatened to give way on about mile 10 but otherwise was completely fine. Thank you so much for you help, both with helping the knee itself and for giving me the confidence that I could actually get round.

I completed the marathon!! In lots of pain but am so pleased I finished! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work and support over the last few months. I won’t be running again but am hoping to keep some kind of fitness up! I’ll keep in mind all the advice you gave me.

I completed the Marathon with a new pb of a few seconds 2:38:24 The ankle was fine, I didn’t wear any tape and I wore my lightweight shoes. My right knee was a bit sore at the end and a few blisters but nothing too bad. Even though it was not a hot as expected, I still got cramp in the second half and did slow down quite a bit – nothing much i can do about this I think. Thanks for your help and the other guys in the team over the last couple of months.

What can I say… finished in 4:32 mins – smashed my pb – thank you for all your help – couldn’t have done it without you.

Truly Genuine and Professional… From the very start when Chris diagnosed the problem i had with my shoulder using his ultra scanner and then embarking on the journey to put right i found him to be truly genuine and professional.I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I think it would be fair to say that on the whole it’s the physios who have the best bedside manner (yes, I’m biased, but honest), and Michael’s no exception. Case history is taken concisely and relevantly, giving you a chance to air your hunches about what’s up. A visual/kinesthetic assessment of posture and flexibilty comes next, and then an open and honest discussion about treatment options, with room for manoeuvre based on your preferences.
We looked at the repercussions of an old sacral ligament injury, and the postural effects of amassed hours in the saddle coupled with my own physiology. Michael confirmed my fuzzy self-diagnoses, but also identified stuff I wasn’t aware of, and did some very efficient realignment work in my lumbar region, as well as initial deep tissue massage on my chronically knotted upper back/neck/shoulders.
He also took me through half a dozen stretches, supplemented with trademark physio stickman illustrations, and I’ll be feeding back on these (the stretches, not the illustrations) next week when I return for a bit of follow up work.
Another very satisfied customer 🙂

 I had decided to start running regularly in a bid to improve my fitness and suffered from recurring knee pain which was extremely depressing. I went to several physiotherapists before Chris Myers (Angel Clinic) and they gave me various over complex stretches and exercises to do which I knew that I would end up forgetting to do. Then I found Chris by chance. He analysed my running style and quickly diagnosed over-tight ITB bands and leg length discrepancy. A bit of orthopaedic foam in one of my shoes and a foam roller is all that was required, along with some simple stretches. Chris appreciates busy lifestyles and so keeps stretches and exercises simple. His friendly, reassuring, and practical approach also helped to demystify the whole business and make me feel that I would be running again in no time, and I am. I am running regularly for exercise and semi-competitively and it’s all thanks to him.

With four months to go until the New York marathon – disaster!! The runners dreaded persistent shin pain!! Unable to train I attended my GP who suggested anti-inflammatories. This didn’t work and I didn’t know where to turn next. One of my running pals suggested the guys at the Broadgate clinic as they are approved marathon injuries clinic. With their expertise they immediately realised I needed an x-ray and to my surprise their suspicions of a stress fracture were unfortunately correct! My physio was brilliant and immediately lifted my spirits with a structured programme which showed I could still make the run – following 6 weeks rest I began a gradual programme specifically tailored and monitored and amazingly I not only completed the New York marathon but achieved my original goal time of 4 hours!!!

I had an operation to reconstruct a ligament in my knee and was referred to the Complete Physio by my consultant. I had several sessions at the clinic as the rehabiltation after my type of operation takes several months. My physio liaised directly with my consultant and tailored my rehabilitation to my specific goals. This kept me interested and motivated through the whole process and I achieved my goals sooner than expected. The gym and rehabilitation facilities are excellent and ideal for making a quick recovery.

Thank you to all at Complete Physio in Bankside for my excellent care. Following 6 months of pain and frustration from a quite nasty whiplash injury at last someone who listens, understands and most importantly knows how to effectively treat this very debilitating injury. What luxury, I really appreciated that you liased direct with the insurance company to save me any further hassles.

I injured my ankle playing football on a Sunday and the next day I could hardly walk. I was able to get an appointment on the same day at the clinic. The physiotherapist was able to diagnose my injury and reassure me nothing was broken. All aspects of my treatment were explained to me and I got back to playing in three weeks.