Here are our top tips for Marathon runners with 2 days to go!!

Over the past several months we have seen lots of marathon runners in the clinic with aches and pains that threatened their marathon training, and their ability to make the start line.

Our top 5 tips for the weekend of the big race and some considerations for race day itself!

TIP 1:

Consider your race strategy. You have more chance of achieving your time if you have a clear strategy and a time goal. If you feel great on the day and feel like pushing yourself harder – beware – if you haven’t trained at that pace you may hit the ‘wall’! Stick to the plan, follow your watch and discipline yourself. Most marathons have a ‘pacer’ for your time so stick with one of them if that’s the plan!

TIP 2:

On the Saturday put all your race kit on and go for a short 10-20 minute jog. Put your race bib (number) on with safety pins. On the race day don’t forget your suncream and a product to prevent chafing (Vaseline for your nipples!!)

TIP 3:

Stay hydrated – Urine too yellow? Drink more. Crystal clear? Back off. You’re looking for a pale yellow shade. Don’t drink alcohol the week before, as it will dehydrate you.

TIP 4:

DON’T WALK AROUND THE EXPO FOR HOURS – wear your running shoes and don’t get tempted to buy a new pair of trainers, socks or orthotics for the race day!

TIP 5:

(and the most important) Enjoy your day! Smile at the crowd, feed of their energy and go for or it!!! Crossing the line is one of the best feelings in the world.

We wish everyone running the London Marathon or other marathons this year the best of luck! If you have any burning questions about your preparation then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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