At Complete Physio all our Bupa registered physiotherapists based in our London clinics are covered to see Bupa UK & Bupa International healthcare-insured patients.

Make the most of your private health insurance today.

Bupa health insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute conditions. This refers to conditions or injuries that are fairly new, rather than problems that you’ve had for a long time.

To make the most of your Bupa insurance policy, do not delay your Physiotherapy treatment or they may not agree to cover you.

London Based Bupa Registered Physiotherapy Clinics

We have five London based clinics registered with Bupa UK and Bupa International all conveniently located close to public transport links.

Accessing your Bupa private healthcare in 4 simple steps:

1. Call Bupa on 0345 609 0111 to check that your policy includes physiotherapy treatment.

Make sure to ask them the following questions:

  • Your Bupa membership number
  • Your Bupa authorisation number – you will need a separate authorisation code for each body part that you require treatment for.
  • The number of authorised sessions for each body part, or what your total allowance for physiotherapy treatment is.
  • Details about any excess in your Bupa policy and whether you need to pay this amount to Bupa or Complete Physio

You can find more information on our Complete Bupa Profile, or Here which explains in more detail about making a Bupa insurance claim.

2. Ask Bupa if you need a GP referral

This can be done through your NHS or private GP and you can often get a certificate via a phone consultation.

3. Provide Bupa with our clinic details

  • Company Name: Complete Physio

You will need to give Bupa our code for your treatment

  • Universal Bupa code for all clinic locations: 80009529.

4. Book an appointment at Complete Physio by calling 020 3816 1544 or email us

You will need:

  • Your Policy number and authorisation code
  • How many sessions or total amount you have been approved for
  • What your total excess amount is – usually £100 – £150

If you’re a patient insured with Bupa UK or Bupa International and need physiotherapy treatments, you can be treated by any of our expert, Bupa preferred Physiotherapists without having to pay for your sessions (unless your policy with Bupa has an excess amount). Complete Physio will take care of invoicing the insurance company for you.

Expert Bupa Registered Physiotherapists

At Complete Physio we only employ clinicians who have a minimum of 5 years post-graduate experience, and most of our physios have well over 10 years of experience within their fields of expertise. Many of our clinicians have worked with semi-professional or professional athletes, and have completed post-graduate master’s degrees.

Complete Physio is trusted by Bupa to consistently deliver world-class physiotherapy care to their insured customers. Our elite team of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists have expertise in a variety of clinical areas from post-operative rehab, lower back pain, tendon and muscle injury, to diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided injections.

All our clinicians are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). They are highly qualified and have diverse and varied clinical backgrounds, ensuring they provide an exceptional experience for every patient.

Physiotherapy treatments covered by Bupa private health insurance:

Musculoskeletal conditions; sports injuries; back pain; neck pain; pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation; acupuncture/dry needling; neuro Physiotherapy; knee physiotherapy; shoulder physiotherapy; osteopathy; pilates; shockwave therapy; men’s and women’s health; paediatric physiotherapy.

Please note:

Bupa are unlikely to cover the cost of equipment such as crutches, braces, boots, slings, splints etc. You will be responsible for paying for any equipment directly to Complete Physio.

Paying for your Bupa Physiotherapy sessions:

After you physiotherapy appointment, Complete Physio will promptly invoice Bupa health insurance directly usually within 24 hours of your appointment. You will receive a notification from Bupa quite quickly, and they will inform you of the excess amount due to be paid. However, it’s essential to note that payment processing by Bupa may take several weeks.

Bupa Policy Excess:

This is the amount on your insurance policy that you need to pay before your insurance company starts to contribute to the costs. Sometimes it’s called a cost share or member’s contribution. Policies vary but it’s usually around £100- £150.

With most policies your excess needs to be paid directly to Complete Physio; once we have received notification from Bupa of the excess amount (this may take a few weeks), we will issue an invoice to you with a number of different payment options, including a convenient online payment option.

We kindly request your cooperation in settling the excess deduction payment promptly once you receive this invoice, as it covers the sessions that may have already been conducted. Your timely response is greatly appreciated.

With some Bupa policies, the excess is collected by Bupa themselves and then paid to us.

Number of Bupa physiotherapy treatment sessions/total treatment amount:

It is important to know how many sessions have been authorised by Bupa UK, or how much in total you are covered for. When you reach this limit, your treatment will be at your own cost, unless you call Bupa to get a new claim number.

We will help keep you on top of this but you also need to be aware of where you are up to with your treatments to make sure you don’t go over. We will also send Bupa an additional request letter explaining why you still require further treatment.

For information on AXA PPP or AXA International health insurance please click here.

For all other insurance companies please click here.

For our full terms and conditions click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bupa Physiotherapy Insured Treatment at Complete Physio London Clinics

A1: To check coverage for Bupa physiotherapy treatment under your insurance policy, contact Bupa directly at 0345 609 0111 and inquire about physiotherapy benefits.
A2: When verifying physiotherapy coverage with Bupa, inquire about your membership number, authorisation number, authorised sessions or total allowance, the excess amount, and whether you need a GP referral.
A3: The universal Bupa code for all Complete Physio clinic locations is 80009529.
A4: A GP referral for physiotherapy treatment can be obtained through either an NHS or private GP, often via a phone consultation.
A5: To book an appointment at Complete Physio for Bupa-covered physiotherapy sessions, call 020 3816 1544 or email with your policy number, authorisation code, approved sessions, and excess amount.
A6: Knowing the total number of authorised sessions or treatment allowance under your Bupa policy helps you manage your treatment plan and avoid exceeding your coverage limits.
A7: An insurance excess is the amount you must pay before your insurance company contributes to the treatment costs. At Complete Physio, you must pay your excess before commencing treatment.
A8: If you exceed the authorised sessions or treatment allowance under your Bupa policy, further treatment will be at your own cost unless you obtain a new claim number from Bupa.
A9: Complete Physio manages the invoicing process to Bupa on behalf of clients for Bupa-covered physiotherapy sessions, simplifying the payment process.
A10: Complete Physio streamlines the process for clients seeking Bupa-insured physiotherapy treatment by assisting with insurance verification, appointment booking, and invoicing.

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