Chronic patella tendinopathy can be very difficult to treat, and often patients will come to us having struggled to improve their condition over some time. At Complete Physio, we use the latest treatment techniques and methods to get you out of pain and back to full function.

Research informs us that heavy eccentric exercises or heavy, slow resistance quadriceps exercise are the exercise of choice for chronic patella tendinopathy. The exercise must be heavy enough to stimulate the healing process and to ensure the tendon can withstand the load placed on the tendon by sporting activities.

We also use shockwave therapy for those really tough cases. Shockwave is excellent at reducing pain and stimulating the bodies natural healing response. See our blog on Shockwave Therapy for Patella Tendinopathy. We advise three to five shockwave sessions should be enough to start seeing positive effects (we carry out shockwave therapy at our Moorgate physiotherapy clinic).

One of our clients EJ had this to say about the Complete treatment “I went to see Complete Physio as a last resort from my consultant. If this didn’t work, I knew surgery was my next option. The injections I had worked for only a couple of weeks.

The exercises my previous physio had given me were not anywhere near as specific or heavy as my new exercises from Complete Physio. After my first set of exercise in the gym, I knew we were on the right path. Why hadn’t I seen these guys before!? I recovered 80% in 6 weeks.

We then did three sessions of shockwave, and I am pain-free. Back to running and triathlons and loving it!’. EJ, Islington

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