The Running Clinic, led by Scott Newton, aims to help you achieve your 'running potential' by working with you to become a stronger, faster and more resilient runner.

Scott is an experienced physiotherapist who also has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science. He is proud to be recognised as a 'SuperSpecialist' by Blaise Dubois’ world-renowned ‘The Running Clinic’ network and has worked with all levels of runners from beginners to internationals.

Scott is a keen club runner with a 2 hour 37 minute marathon PB, so he understands how important it is to keep runners running injury-free and knows what it takes to run fast.

The Running Clinic offers a 3 session Return to Running package:

We offer £10 off for club runners per package.

Package 1. Initial assessment (1 hour £95)

  • A thorough assessment of your running & injury history
  • Establish your running goals & targets
  • Assessment of your current injury & referral for further investigation if required (e.g. MRI, diagnostic ultrasound).
  • Treadmill based assessment of your running technique/form (if you are able to run). Allowing analysis of:
    • Stride mechanics (length and width of stride)
    • Impact (heel/mid/forefoot strike; position of foot in relation to body)
    • Upper body position (arm carriage, trunk position)
  • To provide you with simple and immediate advice on modifying your running style and training schedule.

Package 2. Running strength screening assessment & gait retraining (1 hour £95)

  • This will include standardised & objective tests to measure your strength, power & endurance in muscle groups that impact on your running performance & injury status.
  • A tailored strength & conditioning program to address any identified deficits.
  • Clear & simple instruction on how to incorporate gait retraining/running technique changes to improve your running form & injury status.

Package 1 & 2 – 2 hour session £170

Package 3. The fine-tuning review session (30 minutes, £55)

  • This session is vital for reviewing progress with your running rehab program & provides an opportunity for fine-tuning. This often focuses on reassessing your running gait & making any necessary tweaks.
  • Clear goals will be agreed with you to help focus your efforts & improve your success.
  • Dependent on your progress & running goals; recommendations for further review, self-management, or referral onto a United Kingdom Athletics qualified Running Coach

There are no shortcuts...

As 1981 World Marathon Champion, Robert de Castella once said ‘There are no shortcuts, you must train at your optimal level, not your maximum level’. The same principles apply to running rehab, but with expert advice & a lot of hard work, results can be impressive & rewarding.

Feedback from runners that Scott has helped…

Paul Martelletti – 2.16 Marathon runner

‘As a competitive runner (2:16 marathon PB, Team GB 100km), I've seen a number of physios over the years and Scott is the most knowledgeable and thorough physio I've seen yet. The initial assessment was very thorough and from day one we had a plan to alleviate the immediate issues whilst also getting to the root cause by identifying any weaknesses or imbalances that could be contributing.

Earlier this year I went from running some brilliant races to a period of some very painful running and not so brilliant race performances, to winning the Manchester marathon in 2:17. Without the expertise and help from Scott and the team at Complete Physio, I would have struggled to make the start line’.

Andrew Jones

Scott is a runner and he understands their needs. He managed to get me on the road to recovery when I thought my running days were finished. After seeing numerous physios with this problem over two years he was the one who cracked it and I will be forever grateful to him.

Please wear your running gear and running footwear for the consultation.

Scott Newton our Running Specialist Physiotherapist works at our Broadgate and Old Street clinic. To book an appointment please call 020 74823875, or if you have any running related queries please email