Specialist sports physiotherapists Chris Myers & Jarrod Antflick have extensive experience working with recreational and elite athletes with lower limb tendon injuries. Their main focus is the Achilles' and patella tendons where they utilise state of the art technology to diagnose and monitor tendon injuries.

Management begins with a comprehensive diagnosis using UTC™ (Ultrasound Tissue Characterisation) 3D imaging, which is used to analyse the tendon health of the individual.

A thorough clinical history, functional assessment and UTC™ scanning, our specialists assess the integrity of the athletes’ tendons to withstand activity. We classify the tendon into four discreet echo types and provide a graphical representation on the current state of the tendon matrix.

Along with a biomechanical assessment and a strength diagnostics profile, a comprehensive loading/rehabilitation program is designed and implemented, addressing all the elements of the kinetic chain. This enables athletes to return to peak performance faster and with less risk of recurring tendinopathy.

The tendon service using the UTC™ scan provides an ongoing monitoring service, comparing initial data with prospective values to assess and maintain full function for longer.

We work closely with internationally renowned sports doctors and orthopaedic consultants to utilise the most up to date injection and surgical techniques if required.

The tendon clinic using UTC™ technology operates only from our Chelsea location on Fulham Road.

For more information about the clinic, our specialists or UTC™ technology please email info@tendonperformance.com or visit www.tendonperformance.com